Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our New Home

I'm so excited about our new home! It was #1 on our list and somehow things just fell into place. It's got a lot of the details we were hoping for and it's in a golf community which I'm sure Felix loves to pieces.

Link to view home

The community

Mickey's new school

On the downswing - there's still so much packing left to do! The moving truck will be here December 1st and I KNOW I'm in for a world of pain that day. Our biggest concern are the stairs. I read somewhere that an appliance dolly will help that along. We'll see.

Tonight I'm getting together with my sponsee sisters for food, fun and games. We get so silly at these things - so looking forward to a nice evening with the ladies. Whoop! Whoop!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Star Gazing

Saturday evening we took the kids to Bill Sadowski Park. Every Saturday night at 8:00 PM the Southern Cross Astronomical Society sets up their high-powered telescopes and let spectators take a close look at the heavens. It was so tranquil and beautiful. We were able to take a close look at the moon. Have you ever done that? It's so mesmerizing. I could've sat there the whole night analyzing it's brightness and it's craters. We saw Jupiter and some of it's moons. After a while, I just sat on the ground and took it all in. The cool breeze, the crickets chirping, the silhouette of the treetops reaching towards the sky and I felt so small. I know, I was probably a hippie in a previous life, but damn . . . it was grand. If you've never done something like that, I highly recommend you do. Obviously I couldn't really take pictures at this outing but I can tell you, it was well worth the trip. I'm hoping there's something like this in Georgia. If not, I know what's going on my Christmas list.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Felix, the kids and I went trick-or-treating in Rebecca's neighborhood tonight. Rebecca is Mickey's BFF. Anyway, that neighborhood really gets into the holiday! The weather was awesome and it felt so yummy. Now we're in bed, watching Fun With Dick and Jane and my feet hurt. I don't remember my feet hurting when I was the kid. Anyway, here are some pics from Hollows Eve 2008.

Me and my lil witch.

Felix & Nick.

Rebecca & Mickey. The adults being goofy.

Creepy spooks.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogging, Again

Since I've recently decided to move and will be leaving everyone I know behind, I've recommitted to blogging. Hopefully, I'll be consistent this time and my readers (a.k.a. family & friends) will be able to log in any time to see "what's up with Carrie". Please be advised - This blog is not intended to replace more conventional methods of communication. I still expect to hear from y'all every now and then. (Whoo! Saw that Southern flair?) With much love, stay tuned. As they say . . . more will be revealed.